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Mystery Inc. is made up of four friends who follow the trails of dastardly villains to unmask the truth. But before the gang got together, they were just a group of lovestruck teens with conflicting crushes. Velma, the heart and soul of the clique is a sassy, whip-smart student with precise powers of deduction. Velma is crushing hard on her friend, Fred Jones, who also happens to also be a murder suspect. Fred, who outside of the charges against him, is still just a few months off from hitting puberty is something of a heartthrob. But he’s not the only one. Daphne Blake has been ruminating on her complicated feelings for Velma for quite some time. The wealthy redhead is more than a little Danger-Prone but can’t help but dive into the mystery. Making the love quadrangle complete is Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers, Velma’s anti-drugs best friend who is also harboring a crush on Velma. Between the mysteries of love and the mysteries of death, the crew will have their cut out for them unraveling the tightly wound plots of villainous criminals.

What to know

Velma is an upcoming animated adult television series based on the beloved animated television series Scooby-Doo. Velma acts as an unofficial prequel to the show and is created by comedian and writer Charlie Grandy. Mindy Kaling, who voices the titular character Velma, is an executive producer on the show and a frequent collaborator with series creator Charlie Grandy. The two have found success working on The Office, The Mindy Project, and Champions together.

The remaining cast members include Constance Wu who voices the ever-popular Daphne Blake. Glenn Howerton, a sitcom specialist, is the voice of Fred Jones. Comedian, writer, and actor Sam Richardson closes out the quartet voicing Norville Rogers, otherwise known as Shaggy. Notable additions to the expanded cast include Weird Al Yankovic and comedian Russell Peters.

Where to stream

Velma is an HBO Max production that will stream exclusively on that platform. While no specific release date has been set, Velma will be released in 2023.

Production: Timeline, news & updates

In early 2021, the first information about Velma was released. It confirmed that the show would be produced by HBO, that the first season would consist of ten episodes, and that it would be a comic origin story for the criminally unsung character from the Scooby-Doo franchise. The initial announcement also revealed the main star of the series and executive producer Mindy Kaling. The first image of the series was revealed in May 2022, showing an animation style that was markedly similar to that of Harley Quinn, another animated show also produced by HBO. At New York Comic-Con in October 2022, a slew of new information was released about the show. It included a brief trailer released online involving some meta-commentary about the backlash the show was already facing. New casting announcements were made including the voice actors behind the rest of the Mystery Inc. and a confirmation that Scooby-Doo would not be featured in the series. The pilot episode was aired in full for the audience at New York Comic-Con.


Comedy , Crime , Animation

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Mindy Kaling
Velma Dinkley (voice)
Constance Wu
Daphne Blake (voice)
Sam Richardson
Norville Rogers (voice)
Glenn Howerton
Fred Jones (voice)

Velma - watch online: streaming, buy or rent

Velma will be available to stream on HBO Max. The release date is yet to be announced, but you can stay updated by tracking this TV show on JustWatch.