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Charles Bronson
Major Grigori Borzov
Lee Remick
Donald Pleasence
Nicolai Dalchimsky
Tyne Daly
Dorothy Putterman
Alan Badel
Colonel Malchenko
Patrick Magee
General Strelsky
Sheree North
Marie Wills
Roy Jenson
Doug Stark
John Mitchum
Harry Bascom
Jacqueline Scott
Mrs. Hassler
Frank Marth
Harley Sandburg
Helen Page Camp
Emma Stark
Ed Bakey
Carl Hassler
Carmen Zapata
Kathleen O'Malley
Mrs. Maloney
Åke Lindman
Lieutenant Alexandrov
Ansa Ikonen
Dalchimsky's Mother
Ville-Veikko Salminen
Russian Steward
Burton Gilliam
Gas Station Attendant

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