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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will see the gang of Marvels favourite misfits reunited to tell a holiday story that bridges the wait for their full epic return to the big screen. Having moved through the events of Thor: Love and Thunder where they are also set to play a role, the Guardians of the Galaxy will have an opportunity to engage in some holiday shenanigans. Between the unexpected guests and the heartfelt missing members, this Holiday Special will see the group coming together over the festive period.

What to know

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is an upcoming live-action television special produced by Marvel Studios. Set before the events of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the Holiday Special is directed by James Gunn, who has helmed every film in the series so far. Filming for the holiday special took place while Gunn and the crew were filming the third movie. It follows on from the events in the previous Guardians of the Galaxy films and canonically takes place after Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder, in which many of the characters play a role.

The holiday special includes important information about the future of the Guardians, and will many returning cast members. While no official casting announcements have been made, it is likely that Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Karen Gillan will reprise their roles with the biggest question being around whether Zoe Saldana comes back as Gamora.

Inspired by the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978), The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special could see a return for fan-favourite Cosmo the telepathic dog who was first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. While Marvel remain tight-lipped on the cast, James Gunn did tease the inclusion of one of the greatest MCU characters of all time. Cinematographer Henry Braham is teaming up with Gunn again after a slate of colourful collaborations meaning that the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special should have its signature visual style.

Where to stream

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will be released on Disney+ in December 2022. While no specific release date has been confirmed, given the nature of the Holiday Special it would be unlikely any December release date would be changed. The rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures are also available on Disney+ to watch while waiting for this hotly-anticipated Holiday Special.

Production: Timeline, news & updates

  • December 10, 2020:On Disney Investor Day, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announced the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special confirming James Gunn as director.(Source: Marvel)
  • April 26, 2021:Through a direct question on Twitter James Gunn confirmed that Henry Brahman would be returning as cinematographer for both Vol. 3 and the Holiday Special.(Source: Twitter)
  • May 16, 2022:Answering fan questions on Twitter, Gunn confirms that the Holiday Special is not a feature length film but that events within it are considered part of the MCU canon and contain new elements of the Guardians story. He confirmed there will be a soundtrack with some original music and that not all Guardians would be returning. Source: Twitter)
  • April 25, 2022:Filming for Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special officially wrapped. (Source: Twitter)
  • October 25, 2022:The first trailer for the movie is released and depicts the Guardians trying to kidnap Kevin Bacon as a Christmas gift. (Source: The Playlist)
  • October 25, 2022: Despite the character of Yondu's death, Marvel reveals that Michael Rooker will be returning for Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. (Source: Screen Rant)

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Chris Pratt
Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Vin Diesel
Groot (voice)
Bradley Cooper
Rocket (voice)
Rhett Miller
Murry Hammond
Alien Band (Kortolbookalia)
Ken Bethea
Alien Band (Sliyavastojoo)
Philip Peeples
Alien Band (Phloko)
Michael Rooker
Yondu (voice)
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Luke Klein
Young Peter Quill (voice)
Maria Bakalova
Cosmo the Dog (voice)
Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick (voice)
Si Chen
Sobbing Woman
Don McLeod
Statue Guy
Thomas McNamara
'Captain America'
Michelle Gunn
Tourist Mom
Flula Borg
Matthew Withers
Handsome Man
Helene D'Auria
Dispatcher (voice)
Tinashe Kajese
Officer Fitzgibbon
Barry Curtis
Officer R. Bobbitt
Rachel Luttrell
Upside-Down Cop
Giovannie Cruz
Orloni Peddler
Troy Beecham
Drunken Knowherean (uncredited)

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