Full list of documentaries available on CuriosityStream

Wondering what you can watch on CuriosityStream? JustWatch lists all the documentaries CuriosityStream let you stream right now - organized by popularity. Browse CuriosityStream full catalogue and learn about nature, science, technology, history and civilization. Amongst popular documentaries on CuriosityStream, you can watch CuriosityStream Original documentaries and series such as "Miniverse", "Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places", "David Attenborough's Light On Earth" or "Deep Time History". CuriosityStream also acquired famous non-fiction films from popular documentaries producers, like the BBC, ZED and ZDF. You can stream "Genius by Stephen Hawking", "Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire " and "Vikings and World of Stonehenge" amongst a lot of others.

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