What can I watch on AMC plus?

AMC plus is a streaming service that offers more than 1600+ movies and 200+ TV shows to subscribers. You can use JustWatch to browse every title available on the platform. Filter your results by movies or TV shows, genre, release date, age rating, IMDb rating and new titles.

Which movies can I watch on AMC plus?

AMC plus has a selection of movies spanning a variety of different genres. For example, sci-fi fans can enjoy Ridley Scott’s cult classic Alien, focusing on a space crew that are exposed to a terrifying creature known as a xenomorph. Horror fans gain access to popular titles such as The Shining, Halloween and The Exorcist.

Which TV shows can I watch on AMC plus?

AMC plus has some of the more popular and critically acclaimed series of all time for subscribers to enjoy. This includes Mad Men, which tells the story of a troubled man celebrated for his genius in the advertising industry in 1960s New York. Other shows include The Walking Dead and Killing Eve.