All Horror Movies on Screambox

You’re a real die-hard horror fan and you wonder what you can watch on Screambox? JustWatch has you covered! We show you a complete list of all the horror movies available right now on Screambox. We organized the catalog by popularity to help you choose the best horror movies to stream on Screambox.

What is Screambox?

With its slogan « Unlimited Horror for Die-Hard Fans », Screambox positions itself as an independent horror-fan driven video-on-demand provider, specialized in horror movies. TheScreambox catalog has a very diverse selection of horror content with more than 400 titles: from mainstream horror movies and thrillers to supernatural movies and underground horror films, horror fans have more than enough choice.

Best Movies on Screambox

What good horror movie didn’t you watch yet? JustWatch organized all the content from Screambox by popularity to help you find the best horror movies to watch right now. Monsters, supernatural suspense, bloodbaths, ravenous zombies, sick psychos, whatever is your preference, Screambox has the content you’ll enjoy. Amongst top horror movies on Screambox right now, you can stream « The Shortcut », « All Hallows' Eve », « The Haunting of Helena » and « Cannibal Holocaust ».

Screambox Free Trial and subscription prices

Screambox offers a 7-days free trial so that you can experience the service. After the trial period, you pay on a subscription basis. You can decide for an annual subscription of $35.88 or a monthly one of $4.99. Screambox horror content can be streamed from laptops, tablets and phones. Devices supported are: PlayStation, XBOX, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Apple TV, iOS, LeEco and Android