New Shows on Hulu: new shows, new seasons and new episodes

What are the new shows on Hulu? When do new episodes go on Hulu? Wonder no more! The New Timeline lists for you all the new shows on Hulu. Whenever Hulu post new episodes or a new Hulu series is released, you'll be the first to know. And yes, that includes new Hulu original series! Check below to browse the list of new shows on Hulu organized by date - and updated every day! You can try Hulu today and get the first month for free! Sign up now!

Best new shows on Hulu

Hulu is a streaming provider primarily oriented towards series that's why new shows on Hulu often belongs to the best shows ever created. Hulu offers a lot of new episodes of popular TV shows, including new anime: from the latest episodes of South Park to Bob's Burger premiere, from all-time classic Prison Break to the new episodes of Teen Titans Go and the famous show America's Got Talents, Hulu new shows cover a large range of genres. You will for sure find a new show on Hulu that will fit your tastes. Hulu, like Netflix, produces its own shows. New episodes of Hulu shows are expected with enthusiasm and eagerness by show fans. Amongst expected new episodes and new shows, we can name a few popular ones that you need to try out: the new teen show All Night, the first and successful first season of the psychological drama Castle Rock and Hulu new documentary Ballet Now. The new season of the Emmy-nominated The Handmaid's Tale, the most popular new Hulu show so far that has just finished to air its season 2 this May, belongs to the most expected shows for 2019 woldwide.