New TV Shows on PBS Kids Amazon Channel: all recently added shows, seasons and episodes

The New Timeline lists for you all the new shows on PBS Kids Amazon Channel. With this list of new tv shows organized by date and updated daily, you won't miss any new shows coming to PBS Kids Amazon Channel. Filter by genre, release date and more to find the best new tv show on PBS Kids Amazon Channel for you to watch right now.

Sep 6, 2020
23 titles
Dinosaur TrainSeason 32 Episodes
Dinosaur TrainSeason 4New episode
Dinosaur TrainSeason 6New episode
CaillouSeason 63 Episodes
Wild KrattsSeason 6New episode
Wild KrattsSeason 52 Episodes
Wild KrattsSeason 42 Episodes
Wild KrattsSeason 3New episode
ArthurSeason 16New episode
ArthurSeason 18New episode
ArthurSeason 192 Episodes
ArthurSeason 17New episode
WordGirlSeason 82 Episodes
WordGirlSeason 42 Episodes
Sep 5, 2020
4 titles
Dinosaur TrainSeason 52 Episodes
Wild KrattsSeason 12 Episodes
WordGirlSeason 9New episode
WordGirlSeason 57 Episodes