ARK: The Animated Series - Season 1


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21st century paleontologist Helena Walker enters a wild new world after being resurrected. Upon awakening in the deadly surroundings – where dinosaurs and other thought-to-be extinct creatures roam the land – Helena must fight for her survival and uncover the truth about this strange new world. ARK: The Animated series is inspired by the ARK open world video game franchise – which includes titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved and ARK Park. Taking the franchise to the small screen for the first time, the show is created by Studio Wildcard and produced by ARK's creators Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak.

2 Episodes


Animation , Action & Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Science-Fiction , Mystery & Thriller



Tatanka Means
Mato (voice)
Gerard Butler
Gaius Marcellus Nerva (voice)
Russell Crowe
Kor The Prophet (voice)
Vin Diesel
Santiago (voice)
Devery Jacobs
Alasie (voice)
Cissy Jones
The Gladiatrix (voice)
Madeleine Madden
Helena Walker (voice)
Deborah Mailman
Deborah Walker (voice)
Zahn McClarnon
Thunder Comes Charging (voice)
Malcolm McDowell
Senator Lucius Casius Virilis (voice)
Juliet Mills
Chava (voice)
Elliot Page
Victoria Walker (voice)
Ragga Ragnars
Queen Sigrid (voice)
David Tennant
Sir Edmund Rockwell (voice)
Alan Tudyk
The Captain (voice)
Karl Urban
Bob (voice)
Jeffrey Wright
Henry Townsend (voice)
Michelle Yeoh
Mei-Yin Li (voice)
Ron Yuan
Han Li (voice)

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