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Sword Art Online


Original Title: ソードアート・オンライン

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In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now...

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JustWatch Rating 87%
IMDB 7.5 (50k)


Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Animation, Comedy, Drama



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Ai Kayano
Alice Synthesis Thirty (voice)
Rina Hidaka
Silica (voice)
Hiroaki Hirata
Klein (voice)
Hiroki Yasumoto
Agil (voice)
Kaori Maeda
Selka (voice)
Isshin Chiba
Critter (voice)
Taku Yashiro
Iskahn (voice)
Yuhko Kaida
Dee Eye Ell (voice)
Junya Enoki
Lilpilin (voice)
Miyuki Sawashiro
Sinon (voice)
Kanae Ito
Yui (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Kirito (voice)
Ayahi Takagaki
Lisbeth (voice)
Ayana Taketatsu
Leafa (voice)
Sanae Kobayashi
Rinko Koujiro (voice)
Haruka Tomatsu
Asuna (voice)

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