Ghezal Amiri

Ghezal Amiri is a Copywriter for JustWatch with an affinity for binging the latest HBO drama while taking occasional pauses to check out what's on TCM. When she mercifully decides to give her eyes a break, she goes on 3 hour hikes with her best friend, strives to ensure her cat is aware of how special he is and listens to the entire BTS discography for the 613th time. She is also a firm believer that the curtains are never just blue.

Experience and Education

Ghezal has been a writer on the internet since 2016. After graduating with a BA in English, she's written for such outlets as Movie Pilot, ComingSoon and Vocal.Media. She has placed in a number of Vocal Challenges throughout the years and proudly curated several BTS-focused Spotify playlist articles because we are the two who found our destiny.

Favourite Movies and TV-Shows

If there is anything to know about Ghezal, it's that she diversifies when it comes to her favourites. When she wants to have a good cry, she will pop on any Miyazaki classic or Shinkai's modern masterpiece, Your Name. If she's feeling mysterious, she'll watch any noir starring Barbara Stanwyck. When she wants to pass time before her next cat cuddling session, The Golden Girls or Frasier is an absolute must. Her favourite TV series of all-time is Six Feet Under and she has seen every episode of Saved By The Bell an embarrassing (yet honestly, impressive) amount of times. Her ramblings can be found on Letterboxd @Ghezal

Ghezal Amiri has written 219 articles on JustWatch. This includes adding news and relevant information to movie & TV show pages.

  • <h1>The Return of the Dystopian YA Film: 7 Best Movies to Watch</h1>

    The Return of the Dystopian YA Film: 7 Best Movies to Watch

    When you entered a theater during the 2010s, it was almost a sure bet you’d come across a newly released dystopian young adult movie based on a popular book series.

    This decade was a significant period for young adult (YA) dystopian literature, with books like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and Divergent having a significant impact on young readers. These stories introduced captivating and imaginative dystopian worlds, with audiences eagerly embracing each new series. While some books did well, their movie adaptations often fell short. However, in a few exceptional cases, both the original source material and the cinematic adaptation not only met, but even surpassed high expectations.

    With The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes set to release next week, we wanted to reflect on some of the best films in the genre that were released during that era.

    Here's a list of 7 of the best YA dystopian film adaptations.

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