Movies to watch on Crackle - Find the best for you with JustWatch

Crackle is a free ad-supported streaming service that has an incredible library of movies to watch. This streaming service specializes in offering free movies to stream and is always adding new movies to its library.

JustWatch allows you to refine your search and discover the best movies on the streaming service. Filter by IMDb rating to discover the most popular movies or use the genre filter to narrow your search down to suit your preferences.

We also have a complete guide to TV shows currently available on Crackle.

What movies does Crackle have?

Crackle contains a huge library of over 3500+ free movies across all genres. The streaming service includes moving dramas, all-out action adventures, and terrifying horror movies. The streaming service also includes a whole variety of B-movies, cult classics and new movies. Crackle also offers documentaries on sports, politics, history, culture and more.

Are Crackle movies safe for kids?

You can discover all different types of movies on Crackle, including those that are specifically safe for kids. In the Family category, you can discover free movies for kids and find age-appropriate content. You can also use JustWatch to filter your search results by age rating so you always know which free movies are safe for kids on Crackle.

Can I watch movies for free on Crackle?

Yes! You can watch the best movies for free online with Crackle and the streaming service doesn’t require a subscription fee. Every movie on Crackle is free to stream with ads shown at brief intervals. Crackle is a completely legal way to watch movies for free online.

Are there Crackle Original movies?

Crackle produces a small selection of original content including Crackle Original Movies. Films like Dead Rising: Watchtower and Dead Rising: Endgame make a great horror doubleheader. You can also watch Charlie Sheen in the Crackle original comedy Mad Families. The streaming service also includes enthralling documentaries like Anything Is Possible - The Serge Ibaka Story.

Beyond the Black Rainbow
The Hunt
New York, I Love You
The Proposition
The Host
The World's Fastest Indian
13 Assassins
An American Werewolf in Paris
Sophie's Choice
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
The Ultimate Gift
Black Christmas
In Order of Disappearance
The Void
The Little Death
Nosferatu the Vampyre
Night of the Living Dead
An American Crime
Fay Grim
The Double
Sleepaway Camp
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Paperboy
The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun
Stuck in Love
Take This Waltz
Holocaust 2000