Hulu Movies List

Hulu is known as a tv-show oriented streaming service, so does Hulu have movies? Yes! So what are the movies on Hulu? And what are the best movies on Hulu? Wonder no more! JustWatch created the ultimate Hulu movies list and you’re going to love it. We organized it by popularity and we guaranty that with it, you will only watch good movies on Hulu.
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Best movies on Hulu

Hulu has a lot of very famous tv shows on its platform, but our Hulu movies list shows that movie-lover are also well provided when it comes to entertainment. Amongst the top movies on Hulu, you’ll find movies perfect for every season of the year: Christmas is a jolly season and there is plenty of Christmas movies on Hulu to choose from: Holiday in Handcuffs, The Heart of Christmas, So This is Christmas, just to name a few. Halloween movies on Hulu belong to the best horror movies ever created, with scary movies like the classical Child's Play and the very terrifying JigSaw. If this is too scary for you, why not try romance movies on Hulu, like Me Before You and Midnight in Paris. Our movie list also shows that Hulu has parents covered with a lot of kids movies to choose from. You’re free to explore the kids movies on Hulu with our age-rating filter.

1,118 titles
A Quiet Place
28 Days Later
Pet Sematary
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
The Descent
Super 8
Good Will Hunting
Natural Born Killers
The Interview
Meek's Cutoff
Fighting with My Family
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
The Cabin in the Woods
The Cooler
Leap Year
The Fugitive
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
The Nightingale
The Art of Self-Defense
A Simple Favor