Shows to watch on Netflix

Wondering what are the shows to watch on Netflix right now? Wonder no more! JustWatch created the ultimate Netflix TV shows list and you will love it!
Browsing Netflix is a frustrating experience, as the famous American video streaming service keeps on adding and removing series from its catalog - even occasionally changing schedules without giving notice. How can tv-show fans keep track? That’s why JustWatch created this overview: all the Netflix TV shows in one place, organized in a list by popularity. It’s never been so easy to find good shows on Netflix! We update our shows list daily to make sure you only get the freshest content to stream right away. It includes Netflix Originals and all the new shows on Netflix.

Use our various filters to find the top Netflix shows that will fit your preferences. For instance, our release date filter will help you pick shows from a certain year or decade: best shows on Netflix 2017 and Netflix shows 2018 are just a click away! Our genre filter is also very convenient if you’re searching horror shows, romantic tv shows, drama shows or comedy shows on Netflix. Kids are also welcome on Netflix with plenty of age-appropriate series. You can use the age-rating filter or visit the dedicated Netflix Kids page to check the best kids shows available at the moment.

Best shows on Netflix

From classic tv shows to recent ones, Netflix offers a wide-range of good shows. Amongst the best tv shows on Netflix you can watch right now, you'll find Friends, the most re-watchable series of the 90's, and the 19 seasons of Law and Order. Top Netflix shows also include The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy. Mindhunter, Glow and The Crown, all shows Netflix self-produced, made the list of the most popular shows on Netflix in very little time.

Netflix Originals

In addition to many well-known tv shows, Netflix US also offers a lot of self-produced shows to stream. Netflix started the adventure of own-produced tv shows with Lilyhammer, a spin-off of the cult series The Sopranos. Named "Netflix Originals", Netflix self-produced tv shows are as good as those produced by the well-known studios. Good examples of this success are House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why and La Casa De Papel, names that every tv shows fan may know. More recently, Netflix has released a great number of tv shows acclaimed by reviews, such as Narcos, a show about Pablo Escobar, the greatest drug baron of the 70s and 80s and Stranger Things, a science fiction mystery tv shows that takes place in the 80's and has gathered fans and positive reactions worldwide. Top Netflix shows are not limited to american-produced series. Dark is a German science fiction thriller show that will bring you chills for sure and 3%, set in a dystopian future, was created by a Brazilian team. Netflix is also not afraid to bring politics into its shows. Dear White People and the 6 seasons of Orange is the New Black are two perfect examples of captivating political drama.