Review Roundup: Sukhee vs The Great Indian Family

Critics battle over the faith of Sukhee and The Great Indian Family 

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With two of the most highly anticipated family entertainers Sukhee and The Great Indian Family releasing today, this weekend was building up to a promising double feature at the cinemas. However, mixed critic reviews have left the box-office future of both the films in a weary state. Here’s a round-up of what everyone’s been saying about Shilpa Shetty and Vicky Kaushal’s latest comedy-dramas. 

Shilpa Shetty starrer Sukhee received mixed reactions from film-critics 

Starring Shilpa Shetty as an underappreciated housewife, Sukhee, is a female-led film about a woman reclaiming her freedom and lost identity after spending years hiding behind being someone’s wife, mother, and daughter in law first. This coming of age film about a housewife going rogue has been building up the hype and promising a good old family entertainer, but does it deliver? 

Movie critic Rohit Jaiswal declares the film a must-watch and rates it a 3.5 out of 5, along with sharing a glowing review supporting the films social message, ‘#ShilpaShetty nails the character #Sukhee….. Sometimes men becomes soo much dependent on Women that we forget even they have a life to enjoy, relationship or marriage is all about equality….. Sukhee gives a loud and clear message to society…. Absolutely beautiful film.'

His sentiments are shared by fellow film critic and VP of RVCG, Hemant Sangane, who also gives the film a rating of 3.5 along with penning down praise for the all female cast and crew of the film, ‘All in All an Engaging Cinema Experience Full of Song, Dance, & Doses of Emotions, Laughter,Romance, Fun and Humour.’

However, it’s not all song and praise for the Shilpa Shetty starrer. Film Companion’s reviews the film as, ‘Trying too hard to make a statement. In its attempt to celebrate housewives, the film turns them into exotic creatures.’ This review is matched by Mashable India which goes on to call the film, ‘A glamorized tale of a homemaker that is hard to relate to but easy to fantasize about.’

Overall, the film has received mixed reactions, with some calling the film a fun family entertainer, while others claiming it to be too preachy, or heavily inspired by previous female entertainers like Tumhari Sulu, and English Vinglish.

Vicky Kaushal receives glowing praise amidst mixed film reviews 

Similar to Sukhee, Vicky Kaushal’s latest family entertainer The Great Indian Family has also received mixed reactions from movie critics. Trade analyst Sonal Dedhia from News18 has rated the film a 3/5 and shared a glowing review; ‘The Great Indian Family as the name suggests is a sweet, inoffensive family drama on a slim premise, which has some strong performances, the unmistakable charm, and texture of small-town India, garnished with moments of joy and sadness.’ 

This review is a stark contrast from The Indian Express, who have given the film a weak 2/5 and called it, ‘just the kind of film Bollywood shouldn’t be making anymore.’  Moving on, The Hindustan Times has also left a negative review for the film stating it’s, ‘an overdose of democracy, diversity and drama.’

However despite all the mixed reviews regarding the film, if there’s one thing all reviewers can agree on, it’s Vicky Kaushal’s sincere and honest performance. Monika Rawal from Hindustan Times calls his energy infectious and builds on her review by sharing, ‘He's loud yet subtle, funny yet sensible. And he's the one who is doing most of the things in the film that is trying to say a lot, but ends up saying nothing substantial. Vicky's performance still gets the highest points.’ 

Bhavana Kumar from India Today adds to the praise by sharing, ‘Vicky is exceptional as Bhajan Kumar, and he delivers an earnest performance.’ This sentiment is matched by the writers at Quint who have linked his performance to the critically acclaimed film Masan, ‘Most of the heavy-lifting is on Vicky Kaushal’s shoulders and boy, does he shoulder it well. Torn between his family and the way his life is changing, Kaushal portrays emotions with inimitable skill; it’s reminiscent of Masaan.’ 

Summing up the pulse, while The Great Indian Family continues to receive mixed reactions, Vicky Kaushal’s stellar performance has been a saving grace attracting viewers to go watch the film.

Interested in watching the films and deciding for yourself? You can catch both Sukhee and The Great Indian Family playing in cinemas across India.