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In a nutshell about realeyz

realeyz is Germany's first online art house cinema. The VOD service is offering a wide range of art movies: feature films, documentaries, music films, art videos and anything in-between.

Price details

Flat rate €5.50 per month.

1,087 titles
Out of Time
Joint Security Area
Mean Streets
Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure
Room 237
Night of the Living Dead
Man on Wire
Five Years
Trans Bavaria
Take This Waltz
Polnische Ostern
Above the Law
Carnival of Souls
The Tribe
Computer Chess
The Little Shop of Horrors
It Might Get Loud
Berberian Sound Studio
Desert Hearts
Belladonna of Sadness
Jesus Camp
Cold Fish
Atari: Game Over
Branded to Kill
Lilya 4-ever
Closet Monster
The Driller Killer